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A conductor head is an essential part of your outdoor drainage system. By ensuring that your roof plumbing is in top working condition, it is possible to prevent major damage to your property down the line. Due to the intense weather conditions homes in Toronto and the GTA are exposed to, it is important to make sure that all factors of outdoor plumbing are in top order. This includes gutters, downspouts and conductor heads. There is no doubt that the best material for all of these components is copper.
Why Choose Copper?
Copper is the most durable material that can be used for any type of outdoor structure. It has a lifespan of up to 100 years and its durability allows it to withstand the harsh Canadian climate better than materials such as aluminum and steel. Therefore, by investing in copper, you can ensure that you will not have to replace and repair your outdoor plumping, which is both time consuming and expensive. Copper is not prone to rusting and has the additional benefit of containing algaecide and fungicide. These elements naturally decompose blocking culprits, thereby allowing water to move away from your property with ease.
Yet why is it so important to have a proper outdoor drainage system that runs effectively? Blockages in your gutters and conductor heads can cause major damage to your home's foundation. Water can enter the home resulting in mold and cracks to the walls. Homes that are susceptible to mold lose value. In addition, foundation cracks are expensive to repair and can cause major safety hazards. Blocked drainage systems can also result in flooding which can potentially cause irreparable damage to the home. Therefore, selecting copper conductor heads is the best choice.
Copper Conductor Head Designs
While conductor heads are essential, they do not have to take away from the visual aesthetic of your home. In fact, many people take the opportunity to enhance their home's look by selecting beautifully designed copper conductor heads. Copper Works Canada can provide detailed and intricate copper designs, as well as the basic conductor head style. To make a strong statement, homeowners can choose from many available styles, or they can work with our experts to develop a completely unique design that truly evokes the essence of your building. Copper begins with a shiny bronze hue that gradually matures in to a deep blue-green patina. Both looks give off an elegant and respectful appearance that will grab the eye of any one who passes by.
In addition, copper is also a sustainable material. By choosing copper, you are not only adding to your home's appearance, but can feel happy knowing that you are doing your part for the environment. Let the professionals at Copper Works Canada provide you with the best functioning outdoor plumbing system available. Call them today at 905-831-6434.

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